„Forthright“ Photobuch

Internationales Projekt von nem Essener Photograph. Buch kostet ma eben Hunni – Blick auf Webseite is 4free 😉
Hier by the way Bericht vom WDR.

„To stand up against inequality and social shortcomings. That is what all the 43 artists, who Sascha Kraus portrayed for his book FORTHRIGHT “Stronger than a weapon” have in common. Over the past six years he travelled thirteen countries to find out that rap music can be seen as a universal approach for positive change that sometimes has a more direct impact than politics and the military. To address problems straightforward and direct, that is what FORTHRIGHT stands for. The book impresses on 444 pages with unique portraits and snapshots from all over the world. In-depth interviews with all portrayed artists and a double vinyl with selected songs foster the message of the book.“

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